Daniel Barnes

Director – CPA

Daniel is extremely well qualified for his role as Director with Entimos.

  • Daniel is a CPA, who holds a public practice licence
  • Bachelor of Commerce from Queensland University
  • Bachelor of Economics from Queensland University
  • Graduate Diploma in Advanced Taxation
  • Registered Tax Agent

Daniel has a fantastic working relationship with Entimos clients, and his excellent accounting and taxation skills endure that he delivers the taxation services of Entimos with accuracy and within required timeframes.  His expertise in taxation is vast and he is specifically good at capital gains tax.  He joined Entimos on a part-time basis in January 1999 and on a full time basis in November 2002.

Daniel is keenly interested in the Stock Market and as a result he is working on a graduate diploma in Finance to gain a better understanding of financial markets and investments.

Daniel has become a Director of the company and will ensure that Entimos continues to maintain its high standard of customer service and professionalism.

Daniel is very diligent and capable and he enjoys movies, surfing and a game of golf in his spare time.